The association welcomes people of a variety of ages, ranging from the youngest pupils (years 4-10), through to primary school students (years 11-14), and of course the adults as well (years 15-99).

Tabán is formed of dedicated and passionate individuals whom take great pride in developing and refining a truly diverse repertoire, a commitment to which can be appreciated in their ability to exhibit choreographies from over 20 different regions in authentic costumes.

Their performances at a large number of international festivals (Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Bosnia) have not only granted them invaluable experiences and friendships, but a range of prestigious awards as well:

  • 1997 Saint Sava Award (Hungary)
  • 1998 Gold Class, International Folkdance Festival (Istibanja, Macedonia)
  • 2002 Silver diploma, 7th European Serbian Folk Dance Parade (Deszk, Hungary)
  • 2004 Saint Sava Cultural Prize
  • 2004 Bronze, 'Tufag' International Folkdance Festival (Turkey)
  • 2007 Bronze, World Folk Dance Festival (Palma de Mallorca)
  • 2008 Golden degree at the XIII. European Serbian Folk Dance Parade (Pale, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • 2012 Bronze, 13th International Istanbul Sisli Culture & Art Festival
  • 2013 Pro Cultura Minoritatum Hungariae award

The key to Tabán's success does not solely lie in it's members mutual love and appreciation for traditions and dances, but also in a strong sense of cohesion within the group, and their preserving efforts towards developing and maintaining an enduring spirit of harmony and togetherness - values which the association's leader, Dusán Vukovits, believes to be of the utmost importance.


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